KNOW your child’s developmental milestones…what’s next?
Important milestones from birth to age 8

TRACK your child’s speech, behavior and learning…get them screened.
Learn about developmental screening

ASK your child’s doctor about development and screening. Do you know how?
How to talk to your doctor about developmental screening

TELL your friends and family about the importance of tracking developmental milestones.
Tips for talking to friends and family about developmental milestones

What Are Developmental Milestones?

Developmental milestones are clues that your child’s growth is on track. The way they listen, talk, move, behave and learn at certain ages are big milestones. Every parent should know, track, ask doctors and teachers and tell friends about developmental milestones. It’s the key to a healthy start in life.

It's simple. There are ways that children should speak, act and learn by certain ages. For example, most babies make a lot of sounds and say “mama” by age nine months. When your child is on track, it’s time to celebrate. The doctor can assess if this is a natural or typical delay in your child or a developmental delay. When they are not, it’s time to talk to the doctor.

What is Developmental Screening?

Developmental screening is testing to see if a child’s development is on track. The doctor should screen your child at 9, 18, 24 and 30 months, and every year after that. To find a doctor that offers screening, dial 2-1-1 for Help Me Grow.

A new report from the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network provides information to guide the development of children in Delaware.Learn More